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Basic Guide on the Different Types of T-Shirts


It is a fashion for men to wear a t-shirt and jeans when they are on an outing. T-shirt is not only affordable but it also looks good. Therefore, every man should buy a few t-shirts to be worn casually. Depending on the circumstances, you can even wear a t-shirt as a formal wear. Young people, especially teenagers are used to wearing t-shirts every day. There are a few types of t-shirts that you can find at the local fashion boutiques. T-shirts are also widely available at many online clothing stores.

Polo t-shirts – Polo t-shirt is the type of t-shirt suitable for wearing to a formal event. It is also suitable to be worn casually when you are going on an outing with your friends. Fitted t-shirt looks great on muscular people that want to show off their tight waist and six packs.

Striped t-shirts – Striped t-shirt is suitable for both men and women. Both horizontal and vertical stripe patterns are classic patterns that look great on t-shirts. Striped t-shirt looks great when it is matched with jeans.

Graphic t-shirts – Graphic t-shirts can feature a variety of graphic designs such as quote, and cartoons. The graphic design can be printed on the front or at the back of the t-shirt. Many people like to wear graphic t-shirt along with a pair of jeans and sneakers. There are many online clothing stores that offer graphic t-shirts at affordable price.

Pocket t-shirts – Pocket t-shirts have a small square pocket on the top left or top right area. the addition of the pocket make the t-shirt look stylish. Pocket t-shirt is suitable to be worn during a casual party.

Hooded t-shirts – Hooded t-shirts have an attached hood that can protect your head when it is raining or snowing. If you want to wear hooded t-shirt, it is suggested that you match it with a pair of jeans with faded design. Many people like to wear hooded t-shirt to protect themselves from weather elements such as hot afternoon sun, strong wind and small rain.


Crew neck t-shirt – Crew neck t-shirt is a classic t-shirt suitable for men with a chest that is not that broad. Wearing crew neck t-shirt can make your chest look broader as if you are a muscular person. More clothes at https://www.clothtap.com/